You’re never beaten until…

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“You’re never beaten until you admit it.” George S. Patton

When the British sprinter John Regis lined up at a Grand Prix meeting 200m start alongside Michael Johnson, Linford Christie and Namibia’s Frankie Frederiks, he figured he’d get 4th place.

The starting gun sounded and 20 seconds later, Johnson had won and Regis finished behind Frederiks and Christie in 4th place. When he thought about it afterwards, he realized that he had in fact created his own destiny through his thought process. In the week following, he trained not only his technique, but also his mind. He convinced himself that he can beat his rivals.

Ten days later, John Regis not only improved his race time by 0.8 of a second, he also won. This time it wasn’t just a Grand Prix meeting. John Regis was now world 200m champion!

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