Why you need a leather jacket in a post-recession Business world.

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In a world devoid of loyalty from employees and customers, a new style of Leadership is imperative.

Gone are the days when people trusted and followed us on face value and because of position. With global access to information, critical thinking is the modern relationship currency.

Follow this SECRET to make the modern Leadership connection:

  1. Minimise the SACRIFICES you expect people to make to buy from you and to work for you. In a nutshell, revisit the very definitions you hold about your service ethic.
  2. Create continuous positive ENERGY. You will not believe how often employees at companies I buy from tell me how bad it is working at my supplier. So if they hate working there, why should I want to do business with the company?
  3. Find CRITICAL MASS to drive your required behaviours. People will only engage in actions that allow them to feel a sense of belonging. Think of the crazy hairstyles our kids want only to “fit in”. Affiliation is becoming increasingly important – as is standing out. We need to find ways to create affiliation among our employees that allow them to stand out.
  4. Implement novel, cost-effective ways for ongoing RECOGNITION. Enough said!!
  5. ENGAGEMENT will result only from individualisation. People want to feel important – as though they are our only customer in the world. We must at all costs prevent creating feelings of commoditisation and rather focus on innovation.
  6. Regularly changing THEMES keep people motivated. Retailers have understood this for years. This is why they have 7 different annual sales – all themed around seasons, holidays, celebrations etc. Try creating some of these for your staff on a regular basis. One of my clients have started re-painting their offices several times a year. The staff do it. Over beer and pizza!

CASE STUDY! When Harley-Davidson stopped selling motorbikes, embraced their accidentally acquired counter-culture brand image, and started selling a life style, their business turned profitable.

Today a scrawny 40-something accountant can buy and Harley, don a leather jacket and drive through small towns scaring people. A simple bike means freedom, breaking barriers and transcending stereotypes. Harley understands the SECRET.

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