Why we’ll never be #1

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I listen to young people at my seminars and they all tell me they want to be great, successful, the best at something. That is indeed admirable, but then we are subjected to the drivel our young leaders in business, sport and politics spew from public platforms. Julius Malema aside, the latest guffaw was from SA’s national cricket team (The Proteas) captain Graeme Smith. Read it here. The first thing we need to accept before we can be #1 is that we must keep our personal power instead of handing it to elements outside ourselves.

What really gets to me is that even when we win, even when we’re successful, we give power away to outside parties instead of realising that true power comes from within. It was our doing that made us successful, and as is the case with Tiger Woods, our power that leads to our downfall or failures.

After leading his side to an emphatic victory over England in the final test to level the series 1-1, Smith dilutes the team’s performance by saying they won because England had lost focus! Phuleeese! In the same vein though, when his team loses, he also fails to take responsibility – normally looking for an excuse outside of the team.  

By doing this, he gives his team’s power away to the opposition, to the elements and thus diminishes any performance (both good and bad) to elements beyond his control. Thus any success becomes “luck” and any failure, or any result other than the one he wanted, become labelled as “bad luck”. Life is not about luck though. Neither is success.

To be truly successful, you have to understand that any results you achieve – both success and failure – are the result of your personal power.

Personal power is better known as confidence, trust or belief in yourself and your abilities.  Personal power relates to your own potential, your capacity to overcome obstacles, your preparation and readiness, your focus, your choices, the meaningfulness of your mission and those with whom you work or play.

So, don’t you think its time to take real responsibility?

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