Where NOT to look for potential.

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“Your past is not your potential. In any hour you can choose to liberate the future.” Marilyn Ferguson

Remember the movie “Groundhog Day”? That’s when Bill Murray’s character wakes up every morning and experiences the same day over and over again. His past equaled his future. Everything that happened to him yesterday happens to him again today. His life is utterly predictable.

Fortunately our lives, endeavours and results aren’t. The past does not equal the future, and everything you have already accomplished by the very nature that you have accomplished it once, means that you can do it again. Further, if we’ve done something once, it means that we can not only replicate that performance, but we can also improve on it. You choose what you will become in the future.

The problem with this choice though, is that if you fail to make a conscious choice, you’ve made one.

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