When you’re not a Social Media Marketing Virgin.

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South African fast food outlet Wimpy treated the country to a free breakfast this morning. They announced on Twitter that their “Streaky Bacon Breakfast” will be free between 7am and 8am. It wasn’t long before Virgin Active, the health club chain ambushed the campaign – also on Twitter, only to prove that when you’re not a Social Media Marketing Virgin, the sky’s the limit.

I never saw the initial fast food campaign (here’s a good summary at http://memeburn.com/2012/01/wimpy-announces-free-breakfast-on-twitter/), simply because I’m not really following fast food brands on Twitter. In fact, I follow very few brands – particularly those that do not add value. I do follow VA though – it’s part of my lifestyle and who I am. I also follow the m because their tweeting style is personal and engaging. You can have a conversation with the brand on health-related topics. Very few brands get this right on Twitter. Other great examples are First National Bank, Garmin and Cerebra.

The real genius though in today’s example is the fact that VA managed to use a campaign from a completely different industry to build their offer on. They were alert and responded quickly with an appropriate offer. It is of course very likely that the VA response may have boosted the Wimpy campaign – and why shouldn’t it?

Is the new frontier in online marketing possibly all about collaboration?

Time will tell.

I for one would be interested to see if the success of both campaigns can be reliably tracked. How many greasy breakfast eaters flocked to a Virgin Active to redeem their free work-out? Let me know.

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