What CEO’s are focusing on for the next 12 months.

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According to Melissa Raffoni, the recessionary tide appears to have turned and the CEOs she consults to are starting to look ahead with more confidence at 2010. She’s just done an informal survey among 30 of her clients.

They’re planning to focus on the following aspects of their business success in the next 12 months:

• Strategy to invest in web 2.0/social marketing to capture consumer market share 
• Sales channel strategy to ramp sales of new products while driving down long-term costs
• New service positioning pitch to capture an emerging market in the telecom space
• Opportunity analysis–which projects to accelerate, which to cut?
• New "Software as a Service" product roadmap
• Investments in Marketing–where to experiment, how to allocate funds?
• Taking advantage of a "fire sale" acquisition and plan to leverage it
• Financing strategy–which term sheet, if any, to take?


Even the words contained in that list–strategy, ramp, opportunity, roadmap, experiment–are promising. Let’s hope the projects can be sustained. Already, it suggests that there’s some truth to that old saw that a bad economy is full of new opportunities that the best companies will pursue. I got the sense from these CEOs that the challenge isn’t in believing that a bad economy is a time of opportunity, but rather in executing on the opportunities while staying prudent with day-to-day operations.

Finding that balance is the hard part given all the unknowns, but it’s important and requires time and attention so that good companies can come out of this stronger in the end. I believe many will.

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