Managing Time for Results


The time we have saved using technology only became more busy time. We now probably do less in more time. The world, our clients and our bosses have become more demanding. 10 years ago we were quite happy to find out that our insurance company will take 10 days to settle our claim. Today we want it done in 24 hours.

Time Management is one of the common misconceptions of modern management. The fact remains that it is impossible to manage time, because whatever we do during our business day, time will tick by. The concept of “time management” therefore relies more on a person’s attitude towards time and how they manage their tasks in relation to business priorities. 

This programme will focus not only on how to better manage time, but we’ll also take some time to address your attitude towards time, your time wasters and a few techniques to deal with the most common time wasters.

Once people have learnt to distinguish between urgent matters and important tasks, it becomes easier to make decisions about how best to spend the time available to them.


After this interactive, programme, delegates will have mastered the following skills to enable them to manage their productivity in relation to deadlines optimally:
  • How much time do we have?
  • Circadian Rhythms and time management.
  • To do Lists – Urgent vs Important.
  • Getting to know how quantify tasks and activities according to Urgency and Importance, and then planning time around “Quadrant Activities”.
  • Understanding and using the Requirements of Good Time Management.  
  • Steps to Managing your Time for Results.   
  • Overcoming Time Wasters such as e-mail, telephone calls, meetings, and environmental distractions.