Management Training


Training has always been defined as a couple of people sitting down, schoolroom style, listening to a trainer. This “spray and pray” model is so outdated. So too are canned, “off the shelf” programmes. Anything that comes out of a can has preservatives!

I have have perfected participatory, custom developed soft skills development interventions, and have been presenting using my unique experiential and conversational styles for over 10 years!

Clients who have completed our training programmes have shown not only increased employee performance, but by engaging me on an ongoing, contractual basis, have cut their training expenditure markedly.

Because I’m hands-on, you are assured of high impact, quality and a fresh approach. In fact, I’m so “hands-on” that your team will never be left in a room with a trainer. All programmes are personally tailored and presented by me.

I often hear that because I’m not manual-bound, that an equal amount of learning takes place along the periphery of the content. In other words, my management experience allows me to answer questions relating to real-life situations immediately. This means that you get on-the-spot solutions to the challenges you face in the workplace.