Creativity and Problem-solving


When companies and teams struggle with innovation and problem-solving issues, it’s not that they don’t have the skill, they often lack the “distance” and the process to be creative.

Most of us are aware that in order to survive in the corporate arena, we need to adapt to changing circumstances. Innovative companies however, go one step further. They don’t just want to survive the changing tides; they want to create the future!

To achieve that, innovative companies venture into unknown territories and unseen places. They are not scared to experiment and fall on their face every now and again. They know that successfully creating the unexpected goes hand in hand with a great tolerance for failure and the ability to learn from mistakes.


Truly innovative companies are also aware that one successful innovation holds no lasting guarantees of ‘living happily for ever after’. The one thing they avoid like the plague is the snug place of comfort that says: ‘We’re there now, so let’s rest on our laurels and exploit our success.” Customers these days have an abundance of choice and information available to them, making it very easy to fall in and out of love at the flicker of a new service or product. Coming to the party with last year’s exciting outfit just won’t do the trick.

We’ll explore creativity issues such as Obstacles to Creativity / Success, Trust, Belief Systems, The Components of Creativity, The Vocabulary of Creativity, Secrets of Creative Experts. The core of the programme will also allow delegates to solve a real-life problem during the course of the day.


After this interactive, programme, delegates will have mastered the following skills to enable them to anticipate and solve problems in the workplace:

  • Understand how brain-functioning and stress influence creativity,
  • Know how to question belief systems in order to overcome “group think”
  • Know how to use “Route-cause Problem-solving” techniques
  • Know how to apply the Creativity Cascade
  • Apply the secrets of Creative Experts
  • Solve one current problem they’re faced with.