Effective Speaking and Presenting


With greater time pressures and an increased focus on written communication in business, the art of speaking and effectively getting your message across has become even more important.

No matter what level of the organisation people function in, they are invariably called upon to present to others in the form of meetings, presentations, interviews, sales calls, television interview or conveying corporate policy to the public.

In response to this, and on the request from my clients, I have put together this two-day programme.

Speaking in public is most people’s worst fear. The fact that 87% of the population would rather die than speak in front of others, is not the result of not knowing their subject, or not knowing what to say. Rather it is the product of not knowing how to say it, lack of confidence and fear of rejection and ridicule.

The Brilliant Presentation Skills programme presents the assurance and methods to organise concepts for a presentation – even at short notice. Class size is limited to ensure maximum individual attention. A natural speaking style is uncovered and through private counselling and coaching and an interactive programme each individual discovers and cultivates a natural speaking and presentation style.

Learn to become a great public speaker and presenter The result: An impactful presentation whether the audience consists of one or a thousand people!

What you will master over two days:

  • Using the “Grid Technique” to prepare captivating client and colleague presentations.
  • How to establish and sustain effective eye Communication.
  • Mastering the use of gestures, posture and movement to make a smoother, more confident presentation.
  • Voice, volume, pitch & tone.
  • Eliminating the use of empty filler sounds (The ‘errs’ and ‘umms’) from communication efforts.
  • Making dress and appearance a harmonious part of a total communication impact.
  • Incorporating humour appropriately, with confidence.
  • Impromptu Speaking.
  • The correct use of visual aids, i.e. slides, overhead projectors, laptops etc.
  • Techniques on preparation of visual aids for the best results.
  • Handling of question and answers.
  • Video taped presentations by each participant.