Long-term Strategic Consulting

As a Behavioural Economics Strategist, I’ll partner with you to deliver a strategic advantage to your company through developing strong complimentary-to-business skills, and focused team integration strategies.
In other words, I’ll impact on your bottom line through getting your people to work together more efficiently, with a common vision in mind, to trust each other more, communicate better, be less destructively competitive, have greater respect for each other, become better mentors and treat your clients superbly. All of this will impact positively on your bottom line.
My modus operandi is designed to transfer ownership of ideas and implementation to you and reduce, in the shortest possible time, any potential dependency on me.
I work where necessary in a collaborative and synergistic way with a network of external associates and resources. This allows me to bring to bear the best of thinking, business expertise and creative solutions-finding to you in a spirit of co-opetition.
My services range from initial briefing through to listening, understanding, interviewing, conducting qualitative or research where necessary, facilitating forums, strategizing, suggesting and prescribing solutions and supporting clients through to time-specific tactical implementation of the ideas and solutions. Finally, I also manage quality assurance follow-ups and dip-stick checks to ensure that what was strategized, agreed upon and implemented, is maintained and sustainable.
For Whom?      
Organizations, blue-chip corporations and companies, teams or individuals facing transformation, tasks or challenges with which they want, or need, help.

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What are my strengths?
I am iconoclast with a passionate commitment to honesty and integrity in relationships and what I do for you.
I have a down-to-earth and practical approach to our trade and to my clients. This means I can bring to bear a seamless one-stop solution for you, enjoying one uncomplicated and convenient single point of contact.
I am equally at home dealing with all levels of management – from CEO to front-line staff. Even with highly diverse groups of people and differing levels of sophistication or value systems.
I have highly developed conceptual and creative abilities, and enjoy the capacity to draw simple, workable and constructive solutions out of complex strategic or people-related issues.
I am blessed with the ability to help facilitate sustainable change in people and organizations.
…And my weaknesses?
I am by nature impatient and strive for excellence on all fronts. I don’t handle mediocrity well and dislike bureaucrats, corporate politicians or ‘unthinking’ people with lazy minds. Although I can help them all to change if they’re willing enough!
I am passionate about commitment, honesty and integrity.