The Journey


“Something in human nature causes us to start slacking off at our moment of greatest accomplishment.  As you become successful you will need a great deal of self-discipline not to lose your sense of balance, humility and commitment.”


The past does not equal the future.  Personal growth, teambuilding and ultimate success in life go hand in hand to create synergy in anyone’s existence.  It is generally regarded that teambuilding, change and personal enrichment do not happen overnight.  Nor are these entities that simply happen – we must want to change and we must want to make things happen in our lives.


This 2 Day facilitated workshop is run over four sessions – each exploring a different aspect of strategic management and combining this with self-growth and insights into the members of the Executive Team.


Firstly we’ll Look Backwards. This is essential if we want to move forward and we need to look at two parts of the past. Firstly we need to get the mistakes we made last year out of the way. And secondly, we need to celebrate our successes. This session will allow the team to look back over the past year to discover what has worked and what hasn’t. This forms the basis for the final STOP / START / CONTINUE session of the initial programme.


Then we’ll have to Look Forwards. Since success creates momentum, which creates motivation, which leads to action, the team needs to be clear on where they’re heading in 2008. This is where we determine what it is that will define a successful 2008. Although facilitated through the eyes and experiences of the Team, Erik will add The 6 part SECRET of Leadership as a guide.


Since the team consists of individuals, each with different management styles, ideas and objectives, well spend time Looking Inwards.  Getting to understand our behaviour and how it impacts primarily on the members of the team, but also on the people we’re leading and on the company as a whole. Here delegates will gain tremendous self understanding, and real-life examples of the impact their behaviour has on other team members.


Finally, we’ll Look Outwards during which time we’ll examine the relationship the team has with other employees and clients. I’d like us to develop a “Due North” template for working with people and with each other.  This will encompass the values we hold dear as a team and it will direct our interactions and decision-making during our interactions. Once Team Behaviour Guidelines have been set, we wrap the session with a STOP / START / CONTINUE session. The team leaves therefore with both the SSC information, as well as clear Behaviour Guidelines to guide them forward.