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How have your New Year’s resolutions been holding up?

If you are or if you’re already looking for the next thing you want to try out for 2015, consider the following:

Get to know your customers and clients better.

You might think you know them and what they want and need pretty well already, but think about your other goals. It might put what you think you know about the people you want to please most into perspective. Is one your other goals maybe to double revenue? Well, think about why you haven’t done it yet. Could it be because you there are still gaps in what you think your clients want and what they actually want?

Understanding your clients is very important. Consider the following three points when trying to understand your clients better:

Pain points

Pain points are things that get on your customers’ nerves or things that inconvenience them. Think about how you can streamline your products or services around this to ensure that the pain points disappear.


If you understand fully what it is that your customers need, you can tweak and change things about your product or service that will fulfill their needs. This will definitely ensure that they stay with you and not go to your competitor instead. You can do informal surveys to find out what their needs are.


A customer’s objectives are their goals and it could extend beyond their pain points. Keep this in mind when you are identifying what their needs are.

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