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Is micro managing less on your list of New Year Resolutions? Do you find yourself bogged down in paperwork? Do you have too many admin tasks that you need to personally handle on a daily basis?

Well, then the time has come for you to focus on what truly matters to the organization and maybe hire a PA.

You need to consider as management, how you can best spend your limited time each day. Periodically ask yourself if there is someone else in the company who can do a certain task for you and who is ready for extra responsibility.

Keeping that in mind, look out for such candidates.

If you do decide to take this route, developing an internal system for employees to take on responsibilities as they develop will be key.

As your staff grows in experience and knowledge, so will your business. When you engage your employees in decision making and give a little extra responsibility within reason, employees will feel more valued and in turn help you achieve success. Focus on helping them also develop their skill sets.

With other team members assisting in tasks that don’t necessarily always need your personal undivided attention, you as management or as CEO of your business can now focus more on bigger decisions, product enhancement, pain points of customers or meetings with stakeholders.

Remember that it’s okay to involve employees in tasks.

The New Year is the perfect opportunity to recommit to enhancing your business and after a (possible) much needed break in December, it’s time to roll up the sleeves again.

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