One good reason why you should never try your best.

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 “If you refuse to accept anything but the best you often get it.”  Anonymous

Most South Africans are push-overs!  We seem to accept everything we get given – even when we’re not very happy with it!  Have you ever complained when your steak was not done exactly the way you ordered it?  Stop accepting what you get.


It’s a fact of life that you get what you deserve – both good and bad.  But if you refuse to accept indifference from you coach, your training partners, your customers, your suppliers – you’ll stop getting mediocrity. 


Similarly, if you become determined to get the best results you can get – you’ll get them the moment you refuse to settle for anything less.  Of course this normally means having to sacrifice something else, like the extra helping of dessert!


People often say, "But I did my best" as an xcuse for not delivering. My answer is simple… Stop doing, or trying to do your best. Just do what is required. Somtimes that will be less than your best, but at other times it will be beyond your best. That is when you;ll have to stretch and grow.

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