Motivation through Self-discipline.

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“Improve your self-discipline by reminding yourself of the results you will achieve through it.”

Here it is, that big word – Self Discipline. Don’t panic! In my book, self-discipline equals nothing more than Habits. So, get into the habit (pardon the pun) of forming strong habits.

Psychologists tell us that it takes 21 days to form a habit. If you repeat an action for 21 days, that action becomes ingrained in your neural pathways. One of my clients, not an athlete but a Manager at a big pharmaceutical company, wanted to lose weight. He related his solution to maintaining his self-discipline during his weight-loss programme, particularly the exercise and training aspects. Whenever he lacked the motivation to go to gym, he reminded himself how good he would feel AFTER his workout. This link with an emotion, coupled with his routine of training at the same time everyday allowed for uncharacteristic self-discipline.

Within three weeks, your habits and established. You really only need “self-discipline” for three weeks, thereafter you’ll be cruising on autopilot. By the way, this guy lost 38kg, and kept it off!

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