Motivating Employees: Understanding Mind Management Part 6 of 6.

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Your mind cannot operate in negatives.


Whatever you do, do not think of pink elephants!


What are you thinking about right now?


90% of the population will say …

Pink Elephants.  Even after you were clearly asked not to! Yet this is symptomatic of much of the communication we are subject to. Both as a receiver and as a sender of verbal messages. How do our clear messages not to do something translate so effectively into the action we wish people to avoid? The answer is simple.


We are human beings and as such we are designed to do things. People (even when they appear outwardly lazy and disinterested) are intrinsically programmed to do. As such, the verbal cues we follow, need to be structured to bear this in mind. When we listen to, read or interpret instructions the first thing we become interested in is what we are required to do. Therefore we will always look for the Verb first. In the case of the example above, “THINK”.


As soon as we know what the verb is, we then need to look for the subject. What am I required to think of? In this case we find the subject pretty quickly, and quite amusing so it immediately moves us to action due to the curiosity factor is elicits.

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