Erik Vermeulen regularly contributes not only as a speaker and thought-leader to international conferences, he’s also frequently published in both print and broadcast media. Here are some clips in which Erik features as a speaker, thought-leader and also as co-host of the online radio show “Let’s Talk Possibility”.


Here’s a newspaper article featuring my “Idea Friday” iniative.

Erik Vermeulen talks about behavioural economics in this interview conducted by Michael Leander.

Erik’s job as behavioural economics strategist and his passion for adventure has led him to meet and become friends with some amazing people. Here he interviews 7 Summits Conqueror and Polar explorer Alex Harris about how people should react when they hear the word “Impossible”.

As Erik was preparing to move into a new home, he thought he might join the “planting revolution” by growing his own veggies. Here he interviews Claire Reed about her patented invention “Reel Gardening”.

Interviewing sports performance coach Tim Goodenough about Raising Talent.

Erik Vermeulen interviews Robin Wheeler about what is possible when you can be yourself for a living.

Erik interviews Michael Tellinger about taking on the Banking System.