How to leave a legacy

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Sir Richard Branson. Steve Jobs. Anton Rupert. Bill Rancic.

All names in the business world we are all very familiar with and all iconic businessmen that have left or will still leave a legacy.

They’ve made their mark and many will attempt to follow the same path as them, but what is it about them that has made them as successful as they are and they’re legacy one to remember for many years to come still?

They all have a few traits in common.

  1. Share in success

Creating opportunity is great, because the more people sharing in opportunity, the more significant the success. Strive for what’s best and consider others’ interest as well.

  1. Keep non-negotiables in mind

Whether it’s product quality, customer service or innovation, there should be some things that you simply won’t accept to be sub standard. Great products, creativity and innovation will always make a brand stand out.

  1. Spend some time with customers

By actually taking the time to get to know your target audience, you’ll be able to gain extremely valuable knowledge about how they tick and when consumers see and get to know you as the business owner and build a relationship with you, it begins to foster loyalty, which in turn can lead to brand loyalty and a solid customer base.

  1. Maintain integrity in business

The one thing you will leave behind and take with you to your grave one day is a good reputation. You don’t want to make unnecessary enemies that will not make you able to grow your business. You want potential customers to trust your brand. Always keep that in mind.

  1. Risk can bring great growth

When you want to grow your business, changing and adapting to a new market can be very rewarding. Remember, status quo won’t help you in the long run.

  1. Hard work is never a waste

Hard work and dedication will get you and any employee very far. Nobody will remember or hire someone with a reputation for being lazy, but if they are willing to learn and work hard they’re an asset.

  1. Don’t build a legacy on you

Sounds strange, but make sure that when you pass on the reigns that the business will be able to survive without you or constant supervision from you.

8. Don’t ever give up

Cliché much right? But it’s honestly something you should never allow yourself to do. If you took a risk or tried something new and it didn’t entirely work out the way you planned, don’t give up. It might just need to be tweaked slightly to fit better with a market or product.

When we think of success and purpose in what we do in terms larger than simply ourselves – when we start to do things so that others can benefit also, we create opportunity.

When we make this known and public, we create a larger sense of commitment and accountability to ourselves and our success.

We fear failure so we work with more concerted effort, and hence the success becomes more significant. We leave a legacy. Everything we do is not simply for our own selfish gratification.

When building your business legacy, don’t just keep the end of the road in mind, but the journey to the end of that road.

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