How to make money disappear – wierd maths

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Three men eat at a restaurant. The bill comes to £25. They each pay £10. When the waiter brings the £5 change they take back £1 each and leave a £2 tip. So each man has paid £9, which totals £27. The waiter has the £2 tip, which makes £29, so where’s the other £1 gone?

Answer: The figures will not add to £30 because they are not from the same equation. Equation 1: What’s been paid is £25 for the meal – which is in the till, and £2 for the tip – in the waiter’s pocket, leaving the men with £1 each, ie £3, which all adds up to £30. Equation 2: The men have each paid £9 for the meal and the tip together, ie £27, and they each have a £1 in their pocket, ie £3, which all adds up to £30.

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