How can Coaching lead to creating high performing employees? Part 1 – What is Coaching?

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It is undeniable that first major management trend of the 21st Century is Coaching. Coaches are cropping up all over the place, often making outlandish claims of what they can achieve with your people – if you’re prepared to pay them vast sums of money.

However, the truth is that coaching must take place in your organisation. Not by outsiders, but by managers themselves. It only makes sense because who knows your people better than you do? Who knows your goals better than you do? All you need to do now is to align your people with your goals and bada-bing!

Of course it’s not that simple. Great managers and leaders have ability to bring out the best in their people – almost instinctively. Super managers have more than just a great understanding of their business roles, they have the ability to get on another person’s wavelength and help them develop within the division. Poor managers believe that by growing their staff they only increase the competition for the management job. In other words, they feel threatened!

Good managers also place more emphasis on showing than telling. They lead by example, and coach by example. Good managers become genuinely excited when their subordinates learn. These managers also concentrate on developing professional skills as well as personal skills when coaching their staff. Through their information, inspiration and example they develop the potential in each individual.

Great managers are not dictators but cheerleaders. They encourage their staff to be the best they can be!

The Definition of Coaching.
Coaching is not simply about showing people, or telling them, how to do something. If you only do that, there is no guarantee that learning will take place. Coaching is far more than that. Coaching puts the emphasis on helping people to learn, rather than on getting a teacher to teach. It involves guiding and encouraging people to achieve results by helping them to learn for themselves while doing the job. Real work is the vehicle for learning. Its ultimate target is to help individuals release their own potential and improve their performance.

Coaching is about helping the person to learn a new skill or behaviour by doing the job and achieving the desired results. It is the real thing and the genuine result is required just as if the manager was actually doing the task.

That is why it goes hand-in-hand with delegation. Delegate tasks to people who as yet do not know how to do them and coach them through the work. At the end, you will have the tasks completed to the required standards and staff will be able to do them next time with far less assistance – if any at all.

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