Happy 2015!

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This is probably what your Facebook feed was filled with. What probably also filled up your newsfeed was the “new year, new me” posts and tons of New Year’s resolutions. You probably even made a few yourself.

One resolution you should seriously consider for the new year and business is working with key company data throughout the year. If you do not have the time, you should consider making some in your busy schedule or working closely with a manager.

It can be tempting to only view important data and facts only a few times a year, but it can mean that you won’t see necessary changes coming. Investing in systems that will help you pick up potential challenges.

Invest in the following:

Data and analytics

Consider programs that will let you access your business’ data fast, easily and effectively. You need to be able to view the necessary data quickly in order to make decisions. If you can’t get to this daily, be sure to ask a manager to analyze the necessary data. By asking employees to be part of decision making, you’ll inspire them to work harder and be more involved.

Develop your analytical skills

Singularity is not our reality yet so hone your analytical skills. Make sure that you can access the correct data and interpret it. There are just some things that computers can’t beat the human brain at yet. Again, if you are too busy ask a trustworthy manager or employee to assist you. Sometimes a fresh eye can help you make better decisions.

Set your milestones

If one of your goals for 2015 is to double your revenue, how would you go about it? Put the correct systems and procedures in place to make sure that you reach those goals. Make sure to track your progress and to also monitor yourself and your business. Be sure to regularly ask for feedback from employees to make sure that you are on track.

Remember, involving employees is never bad. It makes them included and part of the bigger picture, which is important in adding value to their work and ultimately also to your business.

Getting a different opinion or perspective on a problem isn’t always a bad thing. Employees need to feel valued and appreciated and sometimes just asking for their opinion is the best thing you can do.

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