The first Pre-requisite for Success

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“The first requisite of success is the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem without growing weary.” Thomas Edison

The problem with modern society is that so many people demand our attention so frequently. Thus we find ourselves fragmented between various people, issues and projects. I know, it’ll be an ideal world (of sponsorship probably) for us to focus only on our sport, but we’ll only perform to our true potential at anything once we have learnt to apply total focus to one thing at a time.

Try this exercise to you build your concentration span. At your next meal, clear your mind of everything before you start eating. Now, for the duration of the meal focus only on your meal. Think about the taste of the food, its texture, its colour, your enjoyment of it – whatever – just remain focused on your meal. Don’t watch TV, don’t shout at the kids, don’t discuss philosophy, and don’t worry about the animal that gave its life for your piece of steak.

Chances are you’ll find this difficult. If you can’t do this for 10 minutes, how do you think you’ll manage to focus during a 4 hour endurance sport event?

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