Cordialism: How the best companies lose their flavour.

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About Erik

Erik Vermeulen. Cordialism: How the best companies lose their flavour.

Why would a security company lose R 2 million per year to it’s own thieving employees and feel the need to develop a “culture of integrity”? Isn’t integrity a fundamental aspect for operating in that industry? This was t
he intriguing question Erik was faced with when that was the brief from a client. It has everything to do with culture, and not necessarily dishonesty.

Global research shows that a mere 21% of employees are fully engaged at work. This is concerning since The Harvard Business Review shows that there is a direct link between internal service quality, customer satisfaction and profit. Employee Engagement has become the latest management buzzword.

Erik Vermeulen has been delivering engagement projects to his clients since the mid-2000’s, long before it became a buzz-word. He developed his unique Behavioural Culture Model in 2009 and has since delivered it to international as well as South African companies to help “do what they say they do.

This presentation will share how one client went from a low ranking position in it’s industry to beating the dominant player in industry awards in less than 3 years – because they got their Behavioural Culture right in order to create a better flavour!

Erik has helped an African mobile phone company say “Jambo Greatness”, and they delivered on the promise. He’s shown the staff at Africa’s most profitable airline how they can “Lift you Up”, and a medical Aid scheme how to become “Pacesetters”. He’s even managed a to get the IT division at a major bank to “Simplify Complexity” and a children’s Cancer Charity to understand “How Now Brown Cow?” to transition to bigger things.”

If you want your HR and Marketing department to align completely in order to get your employees engaged to deliver your brand promise, you need to hear Erik’s message.

His clients include AutoTrader, The Brand Union, Safaricom, Comair, CHOC, Bestmed, Interbrand Sampson DeVilliers, Heineken, First Bank Nigeria, Kakawa, and Interswitch in Nigeria and Kenya.

Erik shares:
• The Cordialism Conncept.
• How companies develop their flavour and how it get’s altered
• The direct link between Marketing and HR
• Can Culture be measured?
• How culture delivers on the bottom line as well as on HR and Marketing principles
• International case studies and best practice.
• 5 Critical “must-knows” to change employees behaviour
• 4 Behavioural traits to help you create the optimum culture.

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