Consistency results from Congruence.

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“You cannot consistently perform in a manner which is inconsistent with the way you see yourself.” Zig Ziglar

I’ve written about presence in a previous column, but we cannot ignore the fact that your actions result from your thoughts – not the other way around.

When you see yourself as an accomplished athlete that is what you will be. Several years ago (15 in fact) I thought it would be great to ply my trade as a Speaker and Trainer internationally. So I did. Without any previous experience, I started seeing myself as an international speaker, I applied that to my marketing material and to everything I did. It wasn’t long before the business I craved started coming into my office.

Find out what defines you as an athlete, as a person, as a businessman. Once you know this, and you know what defines successful people in your chosen field, you just need to model their views of the world.

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