Never Cold Call Again: The Psychology of Buying


Think of your wrist watch, your car, the beauty products you use, the soft-drink you enjoy and even the websites you visit for information and online shopping. Not one of the brands you just thought of cold called you asking you to buy their products. Yet, many industries globally still rely on this out-dated and ineffective way of trying to sell. There are other solutions!!

Originally devised for a global IT company specialising in CRM software, this presentation was so well received by industries ranging from banking to telecoms, to Travel and Retail that Erik has decided to launch it as a Keynote engagement.

During the 60 minute interactive Keynote presentation, Erik looks at real case studies and solid examples of companies that have won the wars against competitors and how they did it. He doesn’t limit it global brands either, but manages to find local examples of what companies can do increase sales, increase profits and retain staff.

He also looks at why you lose customers, who you should be talking to, customer expectations, how people have happily bought lies that killed them, and the “Service Equation”. He creates perspective, forcing you to re-think current marketing and sales generating strategies.

Erik Vermeulen has the ability to create an immediate total emotional and mental connection with any audience, from Executive level to Sales groups and Service delivery teams. He has a stage presence, an energy which captivates, and most importantly, he delivers thought-provoking and take-home style content. This makes him an automatic choice to speak on human capital, motivation and people-related business issues.