I am Not a Motivational Speaker!!


I am not a motivational speaker! I am an expert on Behavioural Economics who presents intriguing Business to Business keynote speeches leaving the audience with real insight and immediately applicable content. I’ll revela why employees and customers behave the way tehy do and what your company can do to motivate employees and bridge the gap between what you say you day, and what your employees actually do.

Not only is the term “motivational speaker” an ambiguous and outdated concept, it can be applied to almost anyone – whether they deliver real content, or not. These speakers will make you act silly, stand on your chair, clap your hands and shout “yes, yes, yes!”

Motivational Speakers are like a hot bath. It’s great when you get in, but the warm water gets cold quickly and then you need to top it up again. This of course works well for the speaker who will want to come back every four months to speak to you again.

Besides, I know that a speaker, manager, or mentor cannot motivate anybody. True motivation comes from within. I will never promise to motivate your staff, to push them to do the impossible.

What I guarantee though is that I will influence what your people are motivated to do – and that I will give everybody the tools to Self-Motivate, should they choose to do so! I strike an important balance between real content (delegates will leave having learnt something they can immediately implement), humour and interaction during custom-crafted speaking engagements. I deliver so much content during speaking engagements that they are frequently the catalyst to further, ongoing training.