Herding Cats: People, Teams and Performance in today’s workplace.

“Herding Cats” is an interactive and fast paced keynote presentation delivered in 60 minutes that shares what every company wants to know. How do they manage a young, globally savvy workforce in todays global marketplace. I’ll show you the SECRET to dealing with your employees and your customers.
Research into the future of work and the way business will be conducted in the near future points to the fact that we are fast moving away from an economy driven by knowledge and information to a business world driven by relationships and experiences. In fact, over the last 40 years we have rapidly evolved from a Commodity Economy, through economies driven by financial achievement and Knowledge acquisition.
Today the business world is driven by an Experience Economy. Employees are no longer motivated by money, big houses and fast cars. Today they will have 14 jobs before they’re 35! They are motivated by freedom, flexibility, and meaningful experiences. Both at work and at play!
Customers are no longer content with just owning your product. They want to experience it. They want to feel valued through the mere act of dealing with your company. They demand a world that is constantly changing, always available and built to suit them personally.
This Keynote presentation provides not only an overview of the latest research; it also leaves the audience with Erik’s S.E.C.R.E.T – 6 “must-haves” in order to embrace the Experience Economy. Erik challenges current assumptions and audiences leave with relevant food for thought.
It is suited to business people from all industries and across all levels of the organisation – from Management to Call Centre employees, and particularly addresses the need for entrepreneurship. It embraces an international selection of real business examples and provides immediately actionable insights into how companies can better engage their employees and customers.
Fresh from sharing the stage with Charles Sirois, the Canadian Telecoms billionaire, Erik’s 13 years experience in presenting and understand his audiences allow him to deliver a carefully crafted presentation at different levels of any organisation. His ideas are inspiring, memorable and motivating and have resulted in presentations to no less than 15 000 people annually over the last ten years.