Find your 5


As a global expert on Leadership and personal performance, I am always looking around me for clues that indicate peak performance.

So much is written and discussed about the subject, but I found that there was very little literature regarding the origins of success, leadership and motivation. I wondered why adult siblings who were brought up in the same environment, with the same value-systems and the same opportunities turn out to be so different!

Some are “successful” others are not! So I went back to the beginning. During the past 5 years, I turned my attention to a place everyone is familiar with – childhood.

Most adults have forgotten “their 5” and this result in companies spending millions of dollars annually on “motivational self-help books” for their employees. These unfortunately often become “shelf” help books as they only serve to prop up shelves in their offices.
“Finding your 5” negates this by inspiring people through understanding that all the ingredients of success – the exact same ones shared by the uber-successful – are in-bred. Research shows that at the age of 5, you have all the skills and natural abilities needed for super-achievement. Free thinkers have managed to retain the “innocence of thought” and “naïve curiosity” that are often lost during our 12-16 years of education.
I’ll take you back to “your mother’s Jacuzzi” from where you’ll rediscover the success-skills you had at the age of 5. These were systematically beaten out of you through education, corporate think and society.

Make no mistake, this is a serious business presentation aimed at all levels of management in every sector of the economy. Finding your 5 will improve self-confidence, motivation, sales, performance and team-ness during a light-hearted, humourous, and interactive presentation.