2nd Acts: Building from the Recession


We have reached a fork in the road in terms of turning the corner, working out of the global recession, looking back trying to figure out how the business world has changed over the past few years.

Erik Vermeulen, a business-to-business Keynote Speaker and global expert helping businesses undertand how their interactions with employees and customers affect their profitability, now presents Second Acts.

Not since the 1940’s has one event had such a global impact on both people and business as the recent recession. All indications are that the world is recovering – and even now there are some who doubt if there was a recession afterall. The fact is that millions of people and thousands of companies have been severely impacted in financial and other ways.

The recession has been more than just an economic downturn – it has changed the world of work, forever. It is now more necessary than ever to have some means of anticipating – and responding to – what an uncertain future holds.

Second Acts uses relevant and interesting facts, case studies and multi-media clips, the content is a guaranteed paradigm shaker and conversation starter as you and your team develop your strategies to move forward with purpose! The content challenges commonly held assumptions about business and how the world works. It encourages insight and critical thinking, discussion and “edge-work” as the audience is taken to the edge of their comfort zone.

Erik delivers this with his usual style characterised by his easy-going demeanour, conversational style and sharp wit. The audience is guaranteed to be engaged throughout!

Take Home Value

By the end of the session, participants will:

• Understand the key drivers of disruptive change, and how these will impact their industry and their function within their company

• See clearly that this recession has not just been an economic downturn, but is a key change point in many of the rules for success in their industry

• Be motivated to think and act strategically

• Be inspired to think creatively about the future of their company and their department

• Know where competitive advantage is to be found in the future