Commitment issues

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We all have that problem. A friend asks you to dinner and you say “maybe” or “I’ll let you know” to delay the disappointment.

If you know you can’t do something, whether it’s in your personal time or at work, just say so.

Biting off more than you can chew is a big problem.

However, you sometimes need to work a bit harder or take on new seemingly impossible challenges in order for your business to grow and usually the process starts with setting a goal that you would like to achieve.

It is easy to set a goal, but often the road towards it is littered with obstacles and high and lows with regards to your ambition, energy, motivation and commitment.

Try the following when you feel like your commitment to accomplishing your set goal is wavering:

  • Readjust your focus: Sometimes all it takes is to change up your scenery, organize your desk or writing down your thoughts.
  • Identify your greatest sources of inspiration and motivation: What made you set the goal in the first place? What inspired you to do so and to grow?
  • Identify environments or situations that unlock your creative energy: Spend some time in this environment and use that newfound energy and motivation to recommit and work hard on what you want to achieve.

Have you been sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions?

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