Can success NOT equal winning?

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“You can stand tall without standing on someone. You can be a victor without having victims.” Harriet Woods

Very often victory is defined by beating others. Surely if you want to be #1 you have to get there first. But if you manage to do this without causing emotional hurt to others you become a true victor.

Bruce Fordyce relates the story of his famous victory passes during the last 10km’s of 9 Comrades victories. He says that as he passed the leading athlete, he’d say to them, “You’re running like a star.” On the surface this seems like a compliment, but the mental impact of this is far greater than the traditional “sledging” or insults. If I’m running like a star, and Fordyce comes past me like I’m looking for parking, how must he running?

You’ll remember of course that Bruce never lost the lead once he took it!!

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