Are you fragmented because you’re doing too much?

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 “The shortest way to do many things is to do only one at a time.”  Richard Cech

Since school days our teachers, coaches and parent have told us to focus.  But what is focus really? 

Focus is a complete devotion to only one thing at a time.  Being completely immersed in the moment – thinking of nothing else – for any appropriate amount of time.  To improve his batting, Jacques Kallis learnt to focus completely only when facing a bowler.  In between deliveries, he adjusted his focus in order to “rest”.  This allowed him to bat for longer periods and score more runs.


Start training your focus at meal times.  Don’t eat in front of the TV, and focus completely on your meal, the taste, the texture – that’s all.  Try this for a few minutes and then progressively work at your focus for longer periods of time.

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