Critical Questions when considering Erik Vermeulen to partner with your Company at your next Conference


As a Conference Speaker, what do I do?

I create three things when I speak at your conference or training event.

  1. An energetic and highly involved environment using my own easy-going and conversational style. I don’t preach, I engage.
  2. Unique insights into my subject-matter which is behaviour, motivation and leadership. I use stories, activities and actual case studies to show you how a better understanding of human behaviour can make your business more effective.
  3. A visible difference in the perceptions of your people, and the actions they take, by offering perspective from a variety of industries and how past clients have improved their performance.

When I partner with you at an event, I also offer myself as an MC and facilitator for the duration of your conference! Rather than have me come in for an hour or two, I am prepared to stay the whole day, MC your event to ensure that people remain focused and alert to possibilities and I help distil and integrate the content from several speakers in order to maintain a common thread through-out the event. We remember concepts more vividly if we immediately see and understand their applications to our immediate environment.

Am I a “guru”?

No! I am a student of behaviour motivation and leadership.
I’m no different to you – or any of your employees. But I have made an effort over the last 15 years to research, and find powerful ways to communicate, the importance of understanding behaviour, motivation and leadership. I have honed my knowledge and my craft (speaking and facilitating) to deliver the most up-to-date content in the best possible way.

What do I know about you, your company and what you may require?

At this moment in time, only that the success of your business depends almost entirely on how well your people understand each other and your customers, how effectively they build relationships, and how well they manage to work together in teams under your leadership.
That is why I insist on consulting with you extensively prior to any collaboration and why I never take speaking engagements “at the last minute”. My preparation for speaking and facilitation engagements have seen me travel to the bottom of a mine shaft, take a guided tour of a brewery, visiting cancer patients during chemotherapy, and even spend a day with a travelling sales person.

Where’s the value in collaboration?

You want a return on investment, don’t you?
Collaborating with me will give your people:

  • A fresh and unique perspective on behaviour and people management.
    Immediately actionable behaviours to help realise your goals
  • An understanding of the difference in people and how to communicate effectively with them in order to minimise conflict.
  • A can-do Attitude towards team-work and customer service.
  • The motivation to go the extra mile
  • Vivid learning moments that are easy to recall, for several months after the event
  • A speaker who provides both memorable content and tools that delegates can immediately apply in order to change their results.


What clients are saying

Apart from creating memorable learning moments and providing often-needed perspective and challenging paradigms, why don’t I allow some previous clients tell you what they found valuable in our collaboration?

“Erik delivers very insightful and stimulating sessions to ones team. He ensures to understand the desired outcomes upfront and you can be guaranteed of the expected result.”
Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative
Ulanova Visser, Samsung SA, RIM (BlackBerry) SA

“Erik did an excellent job as Lead Facilitator and Discussion Leader for TEDx Pretoria 2009. His creative and ingenious approach to his work and his dynamic presentation style kept the audience captivated and played a pivotal role in the success of the event.”
Jesse L. Rowe, Curator, TEDx Pretoria

“Erik has a passion for speaking and a great ability to engage an audience. His materials on the Business of People in a leadership economy are thought-provoking and insightful. Erik has become more than a speaking colleague over the years, today he’s a true friend and a real gentleman. I love working alongside him.”
Michael Jackson, Professional Speaker,

“Erik assisted us through a tough period of change. He provided creative learning scenarios that he followed up with detailed support afterwards. We subsequently used him several times, most recently in 2009. I highly recommend him!”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
Brett Garrod, Johnson & Johnson

“Having had the pleasure of working with Erik previously, I can highly recommend his work. Erik is professional, focussed, he delivers superlative results and is extremely well received by all levels within an organisation, especially leadership. I am more than happy to share with you the details around work that we have engaged in with Erik.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Jacqualene Humphries, The Brand Union, Neotel

“Erik has been a guest on my mid morning talk radio show and is a delight to interview. His experience and knowledge are second to none and I highly recommend Eric as a professional, motivational speaker and business consultant.”
Jeff Price, Broadcaster, Arabian Radio Network

“As someone who has organised large public events for the sales profession, I can recommend Erik as a top notch sales trainer and motivational speaker who will appeal to audiences at all levels. He is professional, has excellent original content and has the in-depth training that goes with the 1-hour keynote presentation sessions – highly recommended.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
Suzanne Burgess, Salesbytes, SalesGuru Magazine