About Erik Vermeulen


Erik Vermeulen is a Behavioural Economics Strategist adding value as an international speaker, facilitator and trainer working in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the United States. He has dedicated the past 15 years to empowering his audiences and clients in the fields of business and leadership.

As a Behavioural Economics Strategist, Erik helps companies better understand employee – and customer behaviour  in order to be more profitable. Together with developing skills which are essential in the work place – Erik has delivered over a thousand multi-day programs and is invited back by corporations time and again because of his unique insights into Behavioural Economics, Leadership, Motivation and Management.

Erik explores trends and behaviours that have shaped the business world, and ones that will be required to motivate and improve performance in a post-recession business world where corporate spin become less powerful than customer and employee experience.

Erik’s natural ability to inject humour into difficult situations as well as his practical and energetic approach to his training programs and workshops has made him the first choice amongst some of South Africa’s top companies, not to mention the Global 200 companies he’s worked with and top sports teams.

He has the ability to create an immediate total emotional and mental connection with any audience, from Executive level to Sales groups and Service delivery teams.  He has a stage presence, an energy which captivates, and most importantly, he delivers thought-provoking and take-home style content. This makes him an automatic choice to speak on human capital, motivation and people-related business issues.

He has served long-term consulting contracts with some of the world’s largest companies and leaders in the global marketplace. His clients have found that Erik has the ability to put plenty of real-life business issues into perspective and offer realistic alternatives to team and leadership issues. He is frequently singled out for his enthusiasm, down to earth attitude and refreshing approach to people.

Erik believes that you cannot motivate people, he takes a highly effective behavioural approach to leadership that allows him to influence what people are motivated to do! He shows companies how to build “virtual” teams which include both their employees and their customers, making a significant impact on the bottom-line. He has helped a global mobile phone company sell 60 000 units in a saturated market in under 3 weeks.

From 45-minute presentations to multi-day programs, Erik throws himself into each project whole heartedly, resulting in audiences leaving his sessions charged with motivation, fresh ideas and a set of achievable goals.

Join Erik every week (when he is in South Africa) at his #ideafriday initiative or contact him if you are looking for valuable insight and positive change within your business or organisation.