5 Reasons to book Erik Vermeulen to work with your company.


Erik Vermeulen has been an international Behavioural Economics Strategist and Keynote Speaker for over 15 years. The fact that his clients often ask him to return for a second instalment means he must be doing something right. These are some of the reasons they keep working with him.
High Content, High Energy, Highly Entertaining. Audiences are always seen taking notes during Erik’s presentations, and they often battle to keep up! Erik is a high energy presenter, effortlessly adding humour and entertainment to his powerful business messages. He’s often singled out for his passion and zest as well as his business insight.
Memorable presence. Your audience cannot be expected to remember every word from every speaker they hear. Erik understands this and after meeting Erik, your audience will remember the value of their own attention – they will walk away with powerful anchors, memorable visual cues and skills that will enrich every dimension of their corporate and personal lives.
Freshness. Personal Performance and Team Development are topics that have been done to death, but Erik gives it new life by making it supremely interactive and practical. He brings a behavioural perspective, finding case studies and examples from the world around us in explaining why people behave the way they do. He’s not the next Tony Robbins or Tom Peters. Rather Erik strives to be himself when facilitating, speaking or MCing your event.
Added value. When you book Erik, you don’t just get an hour, or a day. You get the benefit of 15 years experience as an educator, facilitator and speaker. In fact, if you’ve confirmed him to speak at your event, he’ll gladly MC the entire day for, and provide comprehensive speaker summaries to your delegates at the end. All included in the speaking fee!!
International Sensitivity. Erik is adept and sensitive to the needs of global audiences as he takes into account diversity in terms of cultures, religions and language barriers. He lives in a country with 11 official languages and as such he is comfortable with identifying confusing points and putting them into perspective for all audience members to understand.