I’m a Behavioural Economics Strategist helping companies to understand the power of corporate culture and behaviour; and how it can be modified to achieve strategic business goals. Once we understand your business goals and the behaviour of employees, we’ll design a strategy to help you modify it, live it and create profitable outcomes for everybody.

I partner with you to deliver a strategic advantage to your company through developing strong complimentary-to-business skills, and focused team integration strategies. In other words, I will impact on your bottom line through getting your people to work together more efficiently, with a common vision in mind, to

  • deliver on your company’s brand promise,
  • create a goal-directed culture that underpins strategy,
  • understand and modify critical behaviours,
  • trust each other more,
  • communicate better,
  • treat your clients superbly.

All of this will impact positively on your bottom line. My approach is designed to transfer ownership of ideas and implementation to my clients and reduce any potential dependency on me.

Services range from initial briefing through to listening, understanding, interviewing, conducting qualitative or research where necessary, facilitating forums, strategizing, suggesting and prescribing solutions and supporting clients through to time-specific tactical implementation of the ideas and solutions.

Finally, I also manage quality assurance follow-ups and dip-stick checks to ensure that what was strategized, agreed upon and implemented, is maintained and sustainable.

I have succesfully delivered applications across a variety of industries. These are examples of some of my successful consulting projects.