7 Corporate New Year’s Resolutions to improve behaviour.

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new-years-resolutionsAt the start of each new year we burden ourselves with a list of what we want to accomplish during the year. Businesses do that too. Only they call it a Strategy and they find at some-or-other management retreat. These strategies are seldom broken down into behaviours that mean something to every employee. For example, “Delivering shareholder value” means very little to most employees at any company. Neither do your customers really care about shareholder value.

The only thing people value is what they’re getting at the moment of interaction with your company – particularly from your employees. Here are 7 Behavioural Resolutions to get your company to achieving it’s 2013 goals.


1.    I place the needs of others on the same priority as mine.  I take into consideration what others (both customers and colleagues) require from me in order to be successful in their endeavours. That way, I help build a community in which we all help each other to achieve the company’s goals.

2.    I give and receive assistance to my colleagues and customers. Being open to help is as important as being wiling to give it. By being constantly aware of team members who may require help, and giving it without being condescending or superior, every employee helps build partnership and build the knowledge base of both colleagues and customers.

3.    I do things today and not tomorrow. Procrastination is the biggest enemy of Passion and Progress. When we keep putting things off we let our colleagues, our customers and ourselves down. Doing things immediately shows unequivocal passion. It makes us efficient. It means nobody ever has to wonder about progress or hound us for results.

4.    I will learn one new thing every day – about my products or my colleagues / customers. By showing genuine interest and being curious in a professional way not only shows interest, but it also builds knowledge. Most importantly it shows people that you value them – their needs, their goals and their person. When we ask and we listen, we build knowledge and show respect.

5.    I lead the way by being positive and friendly to all. We become what we see. If we want to change the way we work, be better, more innovative and more knowledgeable, we begin by demonstrating it ourselves. Being positive and upbeat is infectious and demonstrates to everyone that we’re an organization that is passionate about what we do.

6.    I search for perspective by being my own customer. You can’t read the label from inside the bottle. You have to get out of it. Putting yourself in the shoes of your customer and/or colleague requires you to have a different perspective. A perspective that asks “how does this behaviour / answer affect me?”. This perspective allows me to do what my colleagues and customers require me to do. It places in my customers’ shoes and emphasizes that I keep my promises.

7.    I do the right thing. A professional person, by the very nature that they are professional, means that they know what to do and when to do it. Doing the right means never having to say you’re sorry. It means never having to do it over. It means that I’m ethical and responsible. It also means that I do not accept sub-par performance from my colleagues and the people I manage.

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