5 Reasons to make a Phone call

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While most people consider calling customers, colleagues and loved ones “old school”, the fact remains that picking up the phone and making the call rather than sending an e-mail or engaging on social media has many advantages.

Here are 5 reasons why making a call is far more effective than sending an e-mail.

1. Connecting with people lifts your mood – this has been scientifically proven!
Recent research into the science of Happiness shows that one of the chief drivers of happiness, both in the workplace and personal life, is a feeling of connectedness. There is no better way to really connect than by having a conversation.

2. Calling your client / supplier / prospective client creates a personal touch – and that is severly lacking in today’s automated business world. When last, for example, did you get a hand-written note? For some reason many people equate the phone ringing with a negative response – the only people who phone is these days are telemarketers and debt-collectors! You are in a position to change this – one call at a time!!

3. Your tone of voice reveals far more about your disposition than any e-mail ever could. This allows both parties to quickly gauge the mood and therefore appropriate responses. How often have your e-mail been mis-interpreted? Especially when you fire off a quick reply that gets perceived as curt and rude? Making the call instantly conveys your true emotion.

4. Taking a phone call allows people to feel important – especially when you take a bit of time to be personable during the conversation instead of just charging into business.

5. Making a phone call gives you an opportunity to relax at your desk instead of being continually hunched over your computer. This stimulates blood flow and improves the length of time you can concentrate.

So when all is said and done, you can probably save a rainforest by making a phone call rather than sending an e-mail that will end up being printed. Let’s get talking again and get the conversations flowing.


  1. Then this comment would be ironic wouldn’t it?

    You never left me a phone number on this post for me to call you and connect ;-)


  2. Hallo, ek sal graag wil weet waarom mense vra “hoe kan ek jou help?” as jy hulle bel en dis gewoonlik oproepe in die besigheids wereld. Dit maak nie vir my sin nie. Indien jy ‘n oproep maak sal jy mos nie net stilbly nie! Jy sal uitkom by die rede vir jou oproep. Vir my is dit ‘n onnodige vraag en grens aan “kortaf optrede”. Dit word so ‘n lelike gewoonte dat mense dit selfs vra in oproepe wat nie besigheids verwant is nie. Ek glo nie mense bel onnodig net om jou tyd te mors nie.

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