30 Minute Service. For Vehicle Insurance. REALLY!!

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I spoke at an insurance industry conference in Iran last week, and made an effort to meet with some of the companies that would be sending delegates to the conference the day before. I was astounded to see that one company really mean 30 minutes when they say 30 minutes in an extraordinary show of awesome customer service.

As is my habit, I try to meet with companies and attendees at public conferences a day or two prior to the event. It gives me a better idea of their mind space and the challenges they face in their unique environments. It also gives them an opportunity to connect with me. Little did I know that during my first speaking trip to Iran recently, I would be treated like a true celebrity – as were all the other international speakers. I’ve never smiled for so many photos in my life and it was strange to get a feeling for how George Clooney et al survive.

Iran Insurance was one of the stops the day prior to the conference. We met their executives at one of their many Drive-in Claims Centres in Tehran. I noticed a photographer hovering around our party as we took a tour of the facility and then sat down for a discussion and some edible treats, in fact we did pose for a photo prior to our meeting.

The meeting was about the insurance industry in Iran and how Iran Insurance, being the biggest, has had to come up with innovative ways of continuing to win in a very competitive industry. One of the big plus points was their drive-in claim centres. They claim that clients who have had a fender-bender can come to the drive-in assessment centre, have their vehicle assessed and leave with the claim settled – in cash – 30 minutes later. WOW. In South Africa it takes for ever to conclude this simple transaction so it was indeed a refreshing angle.

When we finished the meeting – just over 30 minutes later – each of the speakers were presented with a framed photograph of our visit. A perfect metaphor for the service that they deliver. They made the effort to tell us this as well – no guessing as to why we were given the framed picture and why it was done so quickly.

Very clever marketing. They not only managed to get the message across regarding their USP, but also got a few mentions on social media and this blog post. The other point is that I will probably never make use of their service, but they’ve created good will with me already. It reminds me of my friend Mike Stopforth who blogged about wishing he could one day own and drive an Aston Martin. They saw the blog post, called him and he got to drive one for a weekend. As soon as he can afford one, I’ll bet he’ll be knocking on their door.

Question is, what are you doing today to create powerful metaphors of goodwill and service for your company?

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