10 Mistakes Bad Leaders make

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The Harvard Business Review recently published the findings of research relating to effective Leadership traits. After scrutinising the leadership traits of 11 000 leaders, and isolating the worst performing 10%, Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman found the 10 most common leadership shortcomings. These are ranked according to the size of the difference between successful and unsuccessful leaders’ scores. Successful and failed leaders differed most in their energy and enthusiasm as perceived by the teams they were leading.

The worst leaders exhibited the following traits. My suggstion is avoid these at all costs. If you’re falling prey to any of them at the moment, change your actions. If you can’t – fake it until you make it!!

  1. Lack of energy and enthusiasm.
  2. Accept their own mediocre performance.
  3. Lack clear vision and direction.
  4. Have poor judgement.
  5. Don’t collaborate.
  6. Don’t follow the standards they set for others.
  7. Resist new ideas.
  8. Don’t learn from mistakes.
  9. Lack inter-personal skills.
  10. Fail to develop others.

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